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 Who We Are 

Lighthouse Environmental Management LLC. (LEM) was founded by Kevin Francis Gervais 21 years ago. LEM currently operates five soil re-use facilities strategically located throughout Massachusetts and is in the process of adding several more, servicing the entire New England region. LEM also nurtures and creates new relationships with developers, home builders, and land owners, including agricultural and recreational use properties like golf courses and dairy farms. Often substantially Improving the value of their properties at no cost to the property owners. 


LEM's extensive network of contractors, excavation companies, municipalities, and developers keeps LEM constantly in the hub of a substantial percentage of soils moving throughout the entire region.


LEMs well-trained, knowledgeable and courteous staff enthusiastically assists our clients by walking through what can sometimes appear to be a complicated process.   

We provide our clients and prospective clients with step-by-step guidance during the qualification phase in determining the most suitable and economically viable facilities for the re-use of material they are generating. This service is provided almost always at no charge to our clients. 


Additional services provided by Lighthouse Environmental Management LLC and affiliates:


  • Trucking, transportation, and logistics

  • Remediation

  • Disposal

  • Licensed Site Professional (LSP)

  • Professional wetlands and erosion control

  • Civil engineering

  • Topography assessment 

  • Excavation and earthmoving 

  • Expert site development

  • Soil analysis

  • Brownfield redevelopment 

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